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Software Developer Frequently Asked
How is HireHunt different from other recruitment websites?

People hire people, not CV's. So instead of job seekers boasting about themselves and adding technical buzzwords to a CV, we created a platform where they can display how they show who they are and what they can do by completing various missions, answering questions & playing games. Employers easily build interactive applications to avoid the absurd, mile-long job descriptions and weak application experiences that can act as a talent-repellent. They also have access to browse rich profiles of candidates and interact with them before they make the decision to meet them, saving everyone a lot of time and effort. And it's technically way too much fun for a recruitment experience, but oh well.

Is it free for applicants to use?

HireHunt is 100% free for applicants to use. You can complete as many applications, missions and apply to as many jobs as your heart desires. We promise to try and give you the best experience possible and environment in which you can shine, where your efforts are rewarded and where your skills will be noticed and appreciated because good people deserve good jobs.

As an applicant, can I keep my identity hidden?

For sure! For cases where you might not want the entire world to know you're looking for a new opportunity (like your current boss, wink wink), you can create an anonymous profile and reveal your identity only to the jobs that you apply to. Employers will still see your answers, insights and experience and can invite you to apply to their jobs, but they won't see your identity until you accept their invitation.

Is it free for Employers to use?

For Employers it's totally free to activate up to one interactive Job Application for a vacancy. You can also invite candidates from our Talent Pool to apply to your Job Applications to make sure they have the right skills & personality for the position. So you get to learn enough about the applicant before you decide to meet them, only then you pay to unlock their contact information. And if all that sounds like a lot of work and you'd rather focus on running your business, then you can launch Campaigns where we do all the work to get you a batch of highly qualified applicants to interview at a flat rate with no additional costs or hidden fees. Find out more here

Can HireHunt be used in any country?

Yes, both applicants and employers can use HireHunt from any place on Earth. However, HireHuntTalent Pools are only filled up with talent based on the location of the employers on the platform. Employers can create Job Applications and run Campaigns to target candidates anywhere on Earth! There’s one thing we've proven: if Employers build appropriate applications, appropriate candidates will come!

What's the meaning of life?

Hmm. There are several schools of thought regarding this matter. Some believe it's to work hard and achieve your dreams. Others believe it's to live a life of service to others. We think it's about creating an awesome recruitment experience so the coolest people on earth can find each other easily and build amazing things together. But that's just us.