Screen CVS

Import any number of CVs to instantly identify top matches against any job title with AI relevancy.


Create interactive applications to assess your applicants and learn more about them before the interview.

Email Screeners

Get applicants ranked instantly every time an applicant sends their CV by email.

Better faster hiring

HireHunt is a recruitment technology platform to help you hire the right people faster.
Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Hire like a boss

Setup a better hiring process in minutes

  • Free Career Site
  • Import Your Jobs
  • Generate Applications
  • Launch Sourcing campaigns
  • Live Support

Get to the relevant candidates instantly

  • CV Screener
  • Email Screening Address
  • Interactive Applications
  • Voice Answers
  • Relevancy Scores

Identify the top finalists with the least effort

  • Questions for finalists
  • Technical Assessments
  • Assignments
  • Anti-cheating settings
  • Personality Insights

Use instant messaging and automated chatbots

  • Apply from Facebook Messenger
  • Conversational Applications
  • High Conversions
  • Ask additional questions

Track applicants with a powerful, flexible ATS

  • Smart Search
  • Saving & Tagging
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Unlimited users
  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Collaborative hiring
Life is too short for irrelevant CVs and bad interviews.

Get to the great interviews right away.

HireHunt helps you identify skill, culture, attitude and job fit with an amazing applicant experience.

900+ companies are hunting

"This is the most amazing platform I've ever seen!"

May Abdeen, Head of HR at Matter Branding


Let HireHunt technologies speed through the dull parts of sourcing, screening and tracking so you can focus on what's important.


Use the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help you identify calibers by learning from your interactions.

Try the Swiss Army Knife of recruitment technology
that works for any company size and hiring process.

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