Screen CVS

Import any number of CVs to instantly identify top matches against any job title with AI relevancy.


Create interactive applications to assess your applicants and learn more about them before the interview.

Email Screeners

Get applicants ranked instantly every time an applicant sends their CV by email.

All plans include 3,500+ Candidate Personas and screening automations

STARTER$35 / month

For startups and small recruitment teams to hire faster
2 users
5 Active Jobs
+ Careers Page
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BUSINESS $249 / month

The #1 Talent Pipelining and Candidate Experience solution
10 users
20 Active Jobs
+ Voice and Video
+ All Assessments
+ Messaging & Interviews
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EnterpriseContact Us

Elevate the quality of your entire workforce with Talent Intelligence
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Jobs
+ Workforce Planning
+ Advanced Reporting
+ Dedicated Support
+ GDPR Compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Palm Hire an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

All Palm Hire plans include an Applicant Tracking System with smart matching capabilities powered by AI. It features all the standard functionality of any ATS; it can track application funnels, save, tag, import/export, bulk message, review, schedule interviews, etc.

Can I import CVs to HireHunt?

Yes, you can upload CVs to your private, searchable talent database on Palm Hire anytime. Our data migration team will help you move your candidates from your email, computer drive, database, or any other source free of charge.

What is a Candidate Persona?

The Candidate Persona is powered by machine learning to help you rank candidates for over 3 thousand job roles. Each persona has been trained with millions of sources of data to identify relevant candidate profiles for each job.

Using a candidate persona, Palm Hire can generate for you a job description, an online application to assess and rank applicants and a tailored candidate experience for your vacancy.

What happens to my data if my subscription ends?

You will continue to have full access to all your candidate data, forever. You will only lose access to new candidates, messaging abilities, analysis and most advanced features.

Is Palm Hire a job board?

No, Palm Hire is not a job board and does not provide paid access to contact job seekers. Palm Hire is a screening solution that helps you hire faster from all your sourcing channels (job boards, social media, etc.)...

How does Palm Hire protect my data privacy and security?

All data on Palm Hire is 100% securely hosted and you own your data completely. You can view our privacy policy here or learn more about our special Enterprise solutions which can provide on-premises hosting of your data.

Are there any additional costs to interview or hire applicants?

No, you don't pay anything to interview or hire. You can interview and hire every single applicant you get for no extra charge, without limits.

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